diggers cutting out a new wiggly river channel in a field.

Re-wiggling our way to a wetter, wilder Bowber Head

The challenges of undertaking river restoration in a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)

Charles Ecroyd presents a framed certificate to John Dumont. They are shaking hands and smiling at the camera.

Ploughlands Legacy Award 2023

... is presented to John Dumont for his tireless campaigning for better water quality and healthier rivers.

Brown water vole on top of a crisps tube

Ratty makes a welcome return to Cumbria’s riverbanks

It's been 18 months in the making, but we're delighted to announce that we've brought back ratty to the Lake District ... 365 of them to be precise!

Crayfish, catchment mapping and conservation

A year in the life of a university student placement at ERT!

The Eden Big Swim

This summer, four wild swimmers from Armathwaite have challenged themselves to swim the length of the Eden; raising awareness of the environmental issues impacting rivers as they go.

Getting to know Engine Lonning

Listening to the local community about what they love, hate and would like to improve about their green space.

Group of people stood in a field looking at a man talking about soil in front of freshly-dug holes in the ground.

News from our newest Facilitation Fund Farmers’ Group

Find out how our newest Farmer Group marked their first anniversary ...

Two people sat in a canoe. The person sat at the back of the canoe is pulling a full, black bin bag out of the river.

Paddlers and environmentalists join forces to tackle litter in the River Eden

Paddlers and pickers clean up at volunteer day!

Whips (young trees) planted on the side of the ditch, secured with canes and covered with protective plastic tree tubes.

Protecting Eden’s water supplies at Bowscar

We'll drink to that! How a partnership project delivered natural solutions that will protect water supplies and rivers and are good for wildlife too.

Group of 25 people stood behind some full bin bags

Giving Engine Lonning a spring clean to get it back on track

Engine Lonning has had a bit of a spring clean thanks to the efforts of the local community and ERT volunteers!

John Rattray - Head of Operations

Welcoming John Rattray to the ERT team

Meet John Rattray , our new Head of Operations.

Melbourne Park weir

Breaking down barriers to breathe new life into urban rivers

Helping to make Melbourne Park a better place for people and wildlife