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National Lottery funding powers future pollution fighters, habitat creators and river defenders

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded £238,400 by the National Lottery Heritage Fund in a bid to ensure that the natural heritage on our doorsteps is preserved and protected for years to come.

Act for Eden’s Rivers is an exciting two-year project that will provide a wide range of opportunities for people to become pollution fighters, habitat creators and river defenders.

From making a pledge to make a small change to their everyday life to reduce their contribution to the climate crisis, to cleaning up our riverbanks, there will be something for everyone to get involved with.

Julie Lawrence, Head of Engagement, Eden Rivers Trust said:

“Act for Eden’s Rivers is about communities taking pride in their local river; getting together to take action to make it a better place for people and nature.

“Thanks to National Lottery players, we will be able to work with communities close to our river conservation sites to kindle their interest in their local environment and inspire them to act through practical conservation activities and/or by spreading the message about the critical role healthy, freshwater rivers play in our future survival.”

Also, as part of the project, young people will work alongside artists and our staff to explore rivers and use creative arts to highlight the issues our rivers face.  The project will culminate in Cumbria’s first River Summit, giving young people a voice about how we can protect fragile river habitats.

We will build on the success of our Litter Monster project, that raised the awareness of the impact of plastic pollution on our rivers, with an 18-month ‘everyday action’ campaign that will highlight the impact of human activity on our critically-threatened habitats.

Julie added:
“Tackling the climate crisis may seem a daunting task, but we believe that acting locally will help globally. We are planning an ’everyday actions’ campaign that will provide the information and support  to empower people to make small, everyday changes to their lives (such as using water wisely and reducing the use of single-use plastic) that will add up to a big impact on Eden’s rivers and the environment.”     

David Renwick, Director of England, North at The National Lottery Heritage Fund, said:
Through our conversations with National Lottery players, we know that nature is incredibly important to them, and the funding for ‘Act for Eden’s Rivers’ means that they can play their part in preserving the significant and varied wildlife that the North of England is home to.

At The National Lottery Heritage Fund, we’re incredibly proud to be playing a role in ensuring our natural heritage is safeguarded for generations to come, but also that the projects we fund give people the chance to connect with the nature and wildlife that is on their doorsteps.”

Look out for more information about the opportunities on offer through Act for Eden’s Rivers on this website and on our social media channels.

You too can become a river defender, follow this link to sign up as an Eden Rivers Trust volunteer today.


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