Rivers are our lifeblood. We rely on them for clean water, food, leisure, health and our well-being. They are a precious resource that is under serious threat from us, from the way we live and the everyday things we do – without thinking about what the consequences are for our drinking water, wildlife and the people we love.

Tackling the effects of climate change and the harmful actions of billions of people can seem daunting, and we know that governments and businesses have a major part to play in protecting our planet and our way of life … but so do each and every one of us.

It’s time to Act for Eden


By making a promise to Act for Eden, you will make a small (and painless!) change to something you do every day. As well as making Eden’s rivers cleaner and healthier, it could also be good for your health and save you money!

… and it’s really easy to do! Simply

  1. Make a promise (there’s 10 to choose from)
  2. Keep your promise for 2 months
  3. Report back and let us know if you kept your promise or not and share your life hacks/what worked for you.

For lots more information about the campaign and how to Act for Eden – visit our dedicated website at www.actforeden.org.uk

Eden Rivers Kingfisher Icon

Choose a promise

Click on the title of the promise to find out more and sign up (takes you to our Act for Eden website)

Drawing of two plastic bottles

Ditch the disposables

Reduce your use of disposable plastics and embrace the reusable!

Drawing of a toilet with a clock in the seat lid

Be flushed with success

Save water every time you flush the loo!

Taps off for teeth icon

Taps off for teeth

Get the water-saving habit and turn off the tap whilst you brush your teeth

Take shorter showers icon

Take shorter showers

Knock a couple of minutes off your shower time and save water AND Eden’s rivers

Drawing of a watering can and some flowers

Garden for Eden

Care for your flowers, lawns and vegetables in a river-friendly way and do your bit to keep our precious water supplies clean and healthy for people and wildlife … and save the planet!

Legendary litter picker icon

Be a legendary litter picker

Help stop Eden’s rivers from becoming a dumping ground for litter and make them safer, healthier places for wildlife and people.

Drawing of a cleaning bottle trigger

Clean up your act

Watching what you wash down the plughole can keep Eden’s rivers clean and healthy and everyone

Pee poo and paper logo

Only flush pee, poo and paper

Only flush the 3 P's down the loo, and now’t else!

rucksack and boot drawing

Ditch the alien hitch-hikers

Save our native plants and animals from aliens!

Eat sustainable seafood

Eat sustainable seafood

Choose to only buy sustainably sourced species for the health of our planet.

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