Eden Catchment Partnership

Eden Rivers Trust are the hosts of the Eden Catchment Partnership.

The Catchment Partnership was established to bring together flood risk and environmental outcomes. Along with our partners, we will work by the following principles:

  • Collaborative working
  • Catchment approach
  • Integrated solutions
  • Community-focused decision making
  • Evolution and learning

Revitalising Eden: The Eden Catchment Plan

Front cover of the Eden Catchment Plan

Revitalising Eden: The Eden Catchment Plan, a practical, locally-driven response to the water management issues that face the environment and people across the Eden Catchment.

The Partnership has developed Revitalising Eden to identify and prioritise the action needed over the next ten years to manage Eden’s rivers sustainably whilst improving the natural ecosystem services of the catchment. This Catchment Plan will help members of the Partnership to target their activities to places which will have the greatest benefit for both Eden’s environment and people and work together to make the most of available resources.

The plan addresses issues resulting from the climate crisis and, critically for Eden, pays increased attention to flooding than previous catchment plans.

The high-quality wildlife habitats, water and soils of the Eden Valley are its natural assets - often called natural capital. These assets provide ecosystem services; services provided by nature and not paid for ‘at the till’ that contribute towards making human life both possible and worth living.

Revitalising Eden focuses on key ecosystem services for this area of Cumbria such as water quality, water quantity (managing floods and drought), ecological networks, carbon capture and storage and recreation and leisure.

With 21% of Eden’s waterbodies classed as poor quality and 29 communities at risk of flooding situated in the catchment, opportunities exist throughout the Eden catchment to improve every ecosystem service, particularly water quality, flood management, ecological networks and carbon storage.

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