Learning about Rivers – Primary Schools and Home Learning

We are proud and delighted to be able to offer primary schools and home learners a variety of ways to learn about and engage with the wonderful world of Eden’s rivers – all FREE of charge!

NEW resource pack – Eden’s Amazing Creatures.

Activities and resources to help you bring Eden’s wildlife to life in your classroom (or home – they’re great for families too!)

FEATURED – Act for Eden’s rivers … FOR LIFE!

During 2022, the learning team at Eden Rivers Trust created River Champions Act for Eden’s Rivers, a short, fun and educational film presented by and featuring the children of Lowther Endowed School supported by downloadable learning activities.

Find out where our tap water comes from and why it is such a precious resource; where our dirty water goes and how we can cause river pollution if we flush the ‘wrong things’ and seven easy River Challenges to inspire us all to do our bit in our daily lives to use water wisely, reduce pollution and pour some much-needed love back into our rivers!

The creation of these resources was supported by United Utilities CaST account.

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Our wide range of free resources are designed to help spark interest and prompt further learning about rivers and may be downloaded and reproduced for educational purposes. Copyright ©Eden Rivers Trust.

Here are a few highlights:

Riverside Activity Sheets, designed for exploratory, safe outdoor learning to resources,

The Adventurous Salmon, a fun illustrated storybook following an intrepid salmon throughout his life, with an accompanying non-fiction section and follow-up literacy activity.

River Detectives film and resources about what healthy rivers need, how farmers are helping to protect them and why this is important for us humans too.

We’d suggest using the resources in roughly the following order, but once you’ve browsed through them all, you’ll know which will be suitable for you and your class to use, and how best you can use them.

In the classroom

By the river

Children playing pooh sticks

7. Riverside activity sheets

Activities to do by the river linked to the Curriculum

Browse activity sheets

Boy river dipping

8. Freshwater invertebrate key

Guide to river dipping and the invertebrates that live there

Download river dipping guide