Eden's Amazing Creatures

Introduce your students to Eden’s Amazing creatures with our free activities.

Aimed at KS1 and KS2, these fun activities will help your students can discover the wildlife that can be found in, on and beside rivers and learn about why they are special and, in many cases, in peril.

Before you start, please read the Guide to Eden’s Amazing Creatures. This guide contains everything you need to run the activities, plus lots of background information about species as well as links to films and further information to inspire you and your students.

Download the Guide to Eden’s Amazing Creatures >>


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Who Am I?

Pick a card and try to work out which of Eden’s Amazing Creatures you are? This game encourages students to follow a classification key and ask questions of their classmates to work out which creature they are!

Download PDFs:

Who Am I? pictures >>

A Key to Eden’s Amazing Creatures >>
For use with the Who am I? cards for identification and classification.

Who Am I? presentation (pictures to show on screen) >>

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Fact Files

Beautifully illustrated sheets of the key species found in the Eden catchment. Each sheet contains scientific names; classification information; diet and food chain facts; life cycle information; fun-facts; ‘at risk/ threat due to’ information.

Download PDF:

Eden’s Amazing Creatures – Fact Files >>

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Eden's Amazing Creatures Fact Cards

A set of cards that you can use for classification, creating simple food chains, or more complicated food webs.

Why not use the super stats to create a ‘top trumps’ style game?!

Download PDF:

Eden’s Amazing Creatures – Fact Cards >>


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