The Adventurous Salmon

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The story follows the epic 3,000 km journey undertaken by an intrepid wild Atlantic salmon; from its birthplace in a tiny beck, down Eden’s rivers and out to sea … and then back again, returning to the beck where it was born to breed.

On his travels, The Adventurous Salmon meets endangered species such as white-clawed crayfish and European eel. Yet, wild Atlantic salmon themselves are also under threat, with numbers dropping fast; the story raises awareness of a number of challenges salmon face in their fight for survival.

The Adventurous Salmon story, written as a poem in rhyming couplets, will expand the readers’ science and geography knowledge and vocabulary.

The story is informative, whilst telling the life cycle of a salmon in a fun, engaging way. The questions and non-fiction section at the back are a great tool for teaching and learning.

Mrs Carrie Cannon, Deputy Headteacher, Robert Ferguson Primary, Carlisle.


The accompanying activity sheet will help you create your own poem inspired by the book and the creatures that you meet in it.

Whose story would you tell, what style of poetry would you use?


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