Woodlands for Water

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Tree cover in England currently stands at a tiny 10.% of the land in England (UK Government 2021), and yet trees have an essential role to play to tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis.

To help address this, Woodlands for Water (W4W) was developed by Riverscapes Partnership, supported by Defra, that aims to create 3,150 hectares of trees in six river catchments from Devon to Cumbria by March 2025.

The Woodlands for Water project funds the time of our Farming and Conservation Officer, Anna Holliday, to support landowners in their woodland creation endeavours.

If you want to create woodland larger than 1ha in total, Anna will come out on-site and use her knowledge and expertise to advise on woodland creation and design. If the England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO), offered by the Forestry Commission is suitable, she is able to draw up an application on a landowner’s behalf, all free of charge to the landowner.

Since April 2022, Anna has submitted seven applications to create 16 ha of native broadleaf woodland. This includes:

  • riparian woodland,
  • extending existing woodland,
  • wet woodland with leaky dams and
  • natural regeneration, where grazing and browsing is removed to let the area self-seed by neighbouring native mature trees.

To date, two of the seven applications have been approved and more are being submitted.

March 2024: The first trees are going in the ground at Crackenthorpe. Read our short case study illustrating the type of planting taking place here and how unproductive farmland was identified as ideal spot for a woodland.

Interested in finding out how you can create woodland on your land?

Contact Anna Holliday for more information: call 01768 866788 or email office@edenrt.org

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