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Cop26: Public empowerment theme day on Friday 5th November – we're calling on everyone to Act for Eden

Photo: A snapshot of the litter problem on the Little Caldew in Carlisle, April 21


On November 5, the delegates at Cop26 will debate the importance of empowering the public to limit the effects of climate change. This is at the heart of our current Act for Eden campaign that calls on everyone, young and old, to make a small change to their everyday life that will have a big impact on the health of rivers and the planet.

We’re calling on everyone to make a promise to Act for Eden now!

Sam, our Marketing and Communications Manager who is leading the Act for Eden campaign for the trust explains:

“The way we live our lives is harming one of the things we rely on, but often take for granted – clean water and healthy rivers. They’re essential for food, leisure, health and well-being, yet we’re putting their future at risk by polluting them, turning them into rubbish dumps and treating clean water as an infinite resource. The photo at the top of this page was taken in April this year on the Little Caldew at Carlisle – sadly this problem is widespread along Eden’s rivers and this litter will end up flowing out to sea and/or breaking up an being eaten by wildlife. 

Whilst we’re calling on governments at Cop26 to clean up their act when it comes to rivers, it’s also down to each and everyone one of us too.

It’s easy to carry on our daily lives without thinking too deeply about the small things we use or do every day, such as buying drinks that come in single use plastic bottles, flushing wet wipes down the loo or leaving the tap on whilst brushing our teeth.

We’re asking everyone to stop and take a fresh look at their daily routine with the climate crisis in mind as you’ll be surprised at the number of quick, simple things you can change now that our rivers, nature and future generations will thank you for!”     

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If you haven’t come across the campaign yet, we launched the Act for Eden campaign earlier this year to give people a helping hand to get started on finding quick, easy and affordable ways to live a more sustainable life for our rivers and planet.

We’ve got a dedicated website, where you can go to make a promise to Act for Eden. All of the promises have been carefully chosen to have the maximum impact on our rivers and fall under three broad headings:

  • Use water wisely,
  • Cleaner water for all,
  • Save native habitats & species

You can choose from one of ten promises ranging from Ditch the Disposables and Take Shorter Showers to Only Flush the 3Ps and Garden for Eden. There are hints and tips and inspiration on keeping each promise and the chance for you to share your own successes.

Sam adds:

“It may seem daunting to take that first step, ‘how can I make a difference, have you seen the oceans of plastic?’ but since working on the Act for Eden campaign, I have realised that I have the power to stop more plastic ending up in rivers and oceans, and the best time to ditch the disposables is now.

“So, I took that first step. Just two small changes I’ve made – taking a reusable bottle everywhere with me and using replaceable food covers instead of cling film has resulted in over 200 pieces of plastic a year that don’t need to be dealt with or end up accidently polluting rivers. That’s one person – just think what 100, 1,000 or 1,000,000 people could do!”

Join us and a growing community of people standing up for rivers by making a promise to Act for Eden.

Visit to find out more and make your promise today.

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Click on the Act for Eden promises to find out more and sign up!


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