Act for Eden

It's time to Act for Eden!

Today we’re launching a new, online campaign calling upon everyone in the Eden Valley and Carlisle to make a promise to Act for Eden and help make our rivers cleaner and healthier.

By making a promise to Act for Eden, you will make a small (and painless!) change for two months to something you do every day. As well as making Eden’s rivers cleaner and healthier, it could also be good for your health and save you money!

With 10 promises to choose from such as Take Shorter Showers, Ditch the Disposables, Eat Sustainable Seafood, Garden for Eden or even Ditch the Alien Hitchhikers, there’s a promise that can suit everyone.

They’re easy to do and either no cost or low cost and we’ll help you along the way, with easy and inexpensive hints and tips on how to keep your promise and live a more sustainable life for our rivers, communities and our planet.

You can also share your hints and tips for keeping your promise with us via social media or via our promise feedback form when you finish your promise so we can share them with the rest of the Act for Eden community!

So whether you’re young or old, living on your own or wanting to have a go as a family, workplace or school, why not take up the Act for Eden challenge this year?


Why are we launching this campaign?

Rivers are our lifeblood. We rely on them for clean water, food, leisure, health and our well-being. They are a precious resource that is under serious threat from us – from the way we live and the everyday things we do – without thinking about what the consequences are for our drinking water, wildlife and the people we love.

Tackling the effects of climate change and the harmful actions of billions of people can seem daunting, and we know that governments and business have a major part to play in protecting our planet and our way of life … but so do each and every one of us.

It’s time to Act for Eden.


Thanks to the generosity of National Lottery Players and the National Lottery Heritage Fund, we have been able to launch the Act for Eden campaign, which will run until spring 2022.

Making a promise to Act for Eden via our dedicated website is an easy way for all of us to do our bit to reduce the impact of litter, water pollution and climate change on Eden’s rivers – the local rivers that are close to our heart.

If lots of people make a small change to their everyday lives, it will add up to a BIG impact on Eden’s rivers … and will help save our planet to boot!


How do I sign up?

It’s really easy to sign up to make a promise.

Just visit, choose a promise and decide what change you will make. There’s lots of handy tips and inspiration to help you get started and we will provide inspiration and motivation along the way to help you keep your promise.

We hope that once you complete your two-month promise, you will have found it so easy to make a change that you will want to carry on with it – and keep helping Eden’s rivers and wildlife.


The Act for Eden campaign has been made possible thanks to the generosity of National Lottery Players and the National Lottery Heritage Fund who are supporting this campaign as part the Trust’s larger project, Act for Eden’s Rivers.  This project encourages more people in the Eden Valley and Carlisle to become pollution fighters, habitat creators and river defenders. helping to make an even bigger difference – creating cleaner and healthier rivers in Eden.

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The 10 promises to Act for Eden

Ditch the disposables icon

Ditch the disposables

Reduce your use of plastic and embrace the reusable!

Promise to ditch the disposables

Pee poo and paper logo

Only flush pee, poo and paper

It's time to bin the wet wipes and other unflushables

Promise to only flush the 3 Ps

Legendary litter picker icon

Be a legendary litter picker

Help stop Eden’s rivers from becoming a dumping ground

Promise to be a legendary litter picker

Take shorter showers icon

Take shorter showers

Knock a couple of minutes off your shower time and save water AND Eden’s rivers

Promise to take shorter showers

Taps off for teeth icon

Taps off for teeth

Get the water-saving habit - turn off the tap whilst you brush your teeth

Promise to turn taps off for teeth

Eat sustainable seafood

Eat sustainable seafood

Choose to only buy sustainably sourced species for the health of our planet

Promise to eat sustainable seafood

Clean up your act icon

Clean up your act

Watch what you wash down the plughole to keep Eden’s rivers clean and healthy

Promise to clean up your act

Garden for Eden icon

Garden for Eden

Care for your flowers, lawns and vegetables in a river-friendly way

Promise to garden for Eden

Ditch the hitch-hikers icon

Ditch the alien hitch-hikers

Save our native plants and animals from aliens!

Promise to ditch the alien hitch-hikers

Flushed with success icon

Flushed with success

Save water every time you flush the loo!

Promise to be flushed with success


Eden Rivers Kingfisher Icon
Eden Rivers Kingfisher Icon