A line of people in front of a field. In the background can see a housing estate and, in the distance, the Lake District fells

Cold Springs – a new community nature reserve for Penrith

Cumbria Wildlife Trust's, Simon Whalley gives an update on Penrith's newest green space.

A man is using loppers to cut branches to lay a hedge. Another man holds a branch upright as a support for the laid hedge.

Making water work on the farm

How we embraced a partnership-led approach to running events - better for farmers, managing water on farms and rivers!

Sheep lying under a hedge

Life on the (h)edge

There's more to the humble hedge than meets the eye. Discover why healthy hedgerows are essential for rivers and wildlife.

tree tubes in a wetland

Putting down roots to improve rivers

Anna Holliday shares why woodlands are essential for healthy rivers and how the Woodlands for Water scheme can support the creation of new woodlands.

upland peat landscape in Eden

View from the riverbank

ERT's Elizabeth Radford hikes to the source of the Eden, a land of windswept fells and peat wetlands as far as the eye can see...or is it?

fencing and trees planted by the river

Right tree, right place

Michael, our Head of Conservation explains why it is so important to plant the right tree in the right place

Farm machinery ploughing land

Tools for the (water-friendly farming) job

Tools for the (water-friendly farming) job! Our guide to equipment eligible under the current round of the Countryside Productivity Small Grant scheme

Water Cut sculpture on Mallerstang

Discover Eden this summer

Download one of our trails, pull on your boots and discover amazing places in Eden!

Hedge on Great Mell Fell

A very brief introduction to Countryside Stewardship schemes and why we support them …

Looking at Countryside Stewardship schemes and why they're good for the river, wildlife and for farm businesses